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    HJC RPHA 91 Rafino Motorcycle Flip Up Helmet - White/Red/Blue

    HJC RPHA 91 Rafino Motorcycle Flip Up Helmet - White/Red/Blue

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    The RPHA 91 is a modular touring helmet from HJC that prioritizes comfort for long rides. It features the new Premium Integrated Matrix EVO shell (P.I.M. EVO), which not only enhances shock resistance but also keeps the helmet lightweight by utilizing reinforcement materials such as carbon-aramid, carbon fiber, glass fiber, organic non-woven fabric, and linen fiber (natural fiber).

    To provide riders with an optimal view, the RPHA 91 is equipped with a distortion-free HJ-37 face shield and an HJ-V17 sun shield, both of which offer a clear and expanded peripheral vision. The chin bar locking system has been meticulously designed, now featuring a hidden closure point that ensures smooth contact and reduces pressure on the cheek area.

    In order to minimize noise levels, the RPHA 91 incorporates a 3D-engineered low-noise interior that effectively reduces road noise. Additionally, the helmet includes a neck roll system to further enhance noise reduction. The EPS design of the helmet is also accommodating for riders who wear eyewear.

    For added convenience, the RPHA 91 is compatible with the second-generation Smart HJC Bluetooth systems, allowing riders to easily connect their devices. With its focus on comfort, visibility, and noise reduction, the RPHA 91 is an excellent choice for riders seeking a high-quality modular touring helmet.

    Key Features:

    • Premium Integrated Matrix / P.I.M EVO: reinforcement materials including carbon-aramid hybrid and natural fibre, provide enhanced shock-resistant performance, more comfort, and lightness of the helmet.
    • Aerodynamic design shell reduces air resistance & provides stability at high speed.
    • Full front-to-back airflow: 5 intakes and 7 exhausts.
    • Pinlock Ready HJ-37 Visor: provides 99% UV protection, Anti-Scratch coated.
    • Quick, simple and secure visor (shield) ratchet system.
    • Adjustable 3-step sunshield for optimized position.
    • Light Smoke sun shield installed.
    • Interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying function.
    • Crown and Cheek pads: removable and washable.
    • Glasses grooves can accommodate riders who wear glasses
    • Ready for 21B & 50B Bluetooth (sold separately).
    • 4 shell sizes XS-S/M/L/XL-XXL
    • Visor: HJ-37
    • Pinlock: DKS465
    • Sunvisor: HJ-V12

    Technical Features:

    Standard ECE 22.06
    Meets or exceeds ECE 22.06 approved. Testing includes energy attenuation, penetration resistance, chin strap structural integrity and labeling requirements for on-road motorcycle helmets.

    PIM EVO Shell
    New shell material including carbon-aramid fibre, carbon fibre, glass fibre, organic non-woven fabric, and natural linen fibre to provide enhanced Shock-Resistant performance for a more comfortable and lighter helmet.

    New sun shield mechanism
    Integrated Sunshield: Anti-fog coated smoke tinted sun visor deploys quickly and easily by bottom positioned new operating system. Its new mechanism allows adjusting the depth in 3 different positions according to your morphology and preference for an optimal fit.

    Visor Lock
    The new visor lock is easier to open and safer thanks to its push and release system.

    P&J Chin Bar Features
    Possibility to lock the chin bar when you want to ride with it in the open position for a safer ride. The chin curtain retracts when the helmet is in the open position to make it easier to put on and reduce wind resistance. In addition, the bottom locking system automatically hides in the open position to reduce wind noise and air resistance. The new two-way pivot chin bar allows the helmet to be more compact (lower than before) while open to reduce wind noise and air drag.

    5 Year Warranty
    The warranty is applicable to manufacturer's defects for up to 5 years from the date of purchase, or 7 years from the date of manufacturing (whichever comes first).

    Smart HJC 2nd Generation
    The SMART HJC 2ndgeneration premium Bluetooth communication system models implement an all-in-one design that is fully integrated into the helmet, allowing you to feel the optimal weight balance and aerodynamic performance while riding. The SMART HJC 50B and 21B can be installed on RPHA 71,
    RPHA 91, RPHA 31, or i71. Co-developed with SENA and tailored sp

    Size Chart:

    CM 51-52 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63-64 65-66 67-68





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