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    Fogcity Anit-Fog Visor for Helmets

    Fogcity Anit-Fog Visor for Helmets

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    Universal Fog City Insert Lens.

    FogCity Anti-fog Visor Inserts offers the very best in vision enhancement, comfort and safety. The unique technology provides for absolute fog free riding, even in the worst driving weather, enhancing vision for a safe enjoyable ride in any weather condition! This is a Stick on Mist Free Fog Free Insert. It stick inside visor of ANY BRAND of helmet.  We have 2 styles Large & Enduro.

    LARGE:  This lens will fit to all Full Face, Open Face, Flip-Up and Jet helmets.

    ENDURO: We have Enduro shaped lens, which will fit to Enduro helmets only.

    Anti Fog Lens
    When the lens is installed on the inner side of the visor, it guarantees a fog free vision due to its integrated anti fog and an airtight chamber between the helmet visor and the FogCity lens.
    The FogCity adhesive lens is created out of plastic with a moisture spreading coating. These features make FogCity one of the best anti fog solutions available.

    Universal Lens :
    With its universal size and visor shaped form, the lens will fit almost any helmet i.e Open Face, Full Face, Flip-Up & Enduro.


    A specially developed adhesive is used which makes adjustment after installation a snap.

    You can use this on VCAN, LS2, and other brands, but careful if they have Pinlock pins then this won't fit.  It will fit to only non-pinned helmets. 

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