Motorcycle Best boots buying guide 2024

    ‘With the right pair of shoes, you can conquer the world’ and that’s true!

    When it comes to riding a bike safely, safety gear comes first without any doubt. It’s such a bad idea to only invest in your motorbike and ignore the gear. Just like you buy helmets to keep your head and brain protected, the same goes for boots. A pair of well-fitted and comfy boots protect you from the heat of exhaust pipe and keep your ankles safe during off-roading, and harsh weather. For riders, riding isn’t a casual thing it’s their passion for freedom which can’t be controlled well that doesn’t mean you take your gear for granted which plays a key role to keep you safe through the rides. A good and well-fitted boot with a hard-wearing sole is necessary for comfy rides, too tight will keep you distracted from the road and too loose will disrupt your manoeuvrability. So, I have shortlisted the boots which are the best and must-have for motorbike riders.

    Oneal Rider Pro 2021 Motocross Off-Road Boots

    ONeal Rider Boots deliver excellent protection and performance thanks to the reinforcement metal shank paired with the injection-moulded plastic protective plates. The Rider Pro Unisex Motocross Boots feature a unique and innovative range of boots that deliver superior levels of safety, comfort and performance for hitting the motocross track and enduring trail in perfect shape. Metal shank insert reinforces the shape of the boot and adds support. These boots are purpose designed for the dirt track or the trail.

    RST Tractech Evo III Waterproof CE Sports Racing Boots

    Designed for comfort and safety, the TracTech Evo III Sport boots have been developed after countless hours on the road and track. The hard wearing sole is bonded to the 360 heel cockpit, this, in turn, is attached to the rear ankle support structure preventing over flexion and extension of the ankle. The redesigned shin plate offers increased protection from impacts, as does the enlarged toe-box. The attention to detail even stretches to different-sized shift pads depending on the boot size. For a boot that offers supreme protection and day long comfort look no further than the TracTech Evo III Sport.

    RST Roadster CE Waterproof Short Leather Boots

    Styled like a traditional leather lace-up work boot, this boot is designed for riding. The Roadster II is the perfect combination with a pair of Aramid jeans for a smart yet practical riding outfit that can be worn all day.

    Scoyco CE MBM006 Stitched Sole Motocross Boots

    These Scoyco boots are designed to protect ankles with a flexible keel design, developed with abrasion resistance, slip resistance sole, cowhide inner, abrasion resistant and heat resistant. The front plastic injection plate offers protection to fibula and buckles are placed on the front for closer fitting.

    All these sporty boots look super cool on the riders, as it completes your entire look as well as safety gear. All of these boots are available in different colours and all sizes here at with amazing discount offers for a LIMITED time only – Buy Now.


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