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    Adventure riders need adaptable, waterproof and comfortable Motorcycle clothing to match the expectations of their ride. The endurance required as well as rugged terrain and often harsh conditions mean only the best-made motorbike clothing can stand the test and last.

    Enduro Helmet Features

    Enduro helmets are essential for this as they include an ECE22.06 tested outer visor (as well as an internal drop-down sun visor often included) but also Enduro helmets come fitted with a deflector peak to ensure flying rocks/stones don’t reach the helmet. All aspects of such helmets are tested to comply with road safety laws across the UK and EU. The higher standard of ECE 22.06 over ECE 22.05 does make it slightly heavier but remember this makes it safer, allowing greater protection with measures like extra strap fixings to ensure less chance of rolling around the head in an accident.

    Adventure-Ready Riding Gear

    Coming to Motorcycle Jackets, Motorbike Trousers/Pants and suits. For an adventure rider, it's not just about waterproofing or safety, it has to suit the tests and rider. Often as an adventure rider going on and off road, whether it be on country lanes, mountain/hill tracks or even sand adventures the rider must have suitability that also allows them to ride on the road safely. All-season riding is important as climate can be very varied.

    Choosing the Right Adventure Gear

    We recommend riders find jackets with lots of flexibility, lots of large pockets, waterproof zips as well as removable thermal and removable waterproof liners. Small features like neck collar holders will keep your ride comfortable too. Motorcycle gear made for the road often won't last for adventure riders so it's imperative to find the right safety gear for the right purpose. Brands like Oxford Products, RST and Viper have created adventure clothing suits that are made to last and have many features mentioned above. Both jackets and trousers come with large vents, and removable panels as well as removable liners to make winter and summer riding easy and enjoyable. 

    A Game-Changer at Motorcycle Live 2023

    The show stopper for us would be the Viper Guard Adventure suit launched at the recent Motorcycle Live 2023 show at the Birmingham NEC. This suit coming in under £300 is CE approved (fully tested) but has many many features including all mentioned above. Working out around £100 cheaper than its main competitors the price difference is not a reflection of quality. Available in Black, Olive Green or Grey/Black the suits all have Hi-Viz accents and full/half connector zips. The textile is of the highest quality and we know of riders who have rode with the gear in the recent heavy rains and confirm it's 110% waterproof.

    Choose What Fits You

    If you prefer your trusted brand for fit and style go for it, the main point is to ensure you buy the right helmet, and protective clothing for your biking needs. Speak to us at Riderwear for further advice.


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